About Sparta Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Sparta Environmental Technologies Ltd; is a publicly traded company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


At Sparta Environmental Technologies Ltd. people come to work everyday because they want to address a big problem – high energy costs and an unhealthy planet. We are determined to lower dependence on fossil fuel so companies like yours can save money and feel good about leaving behind a cleaner world. Today we have a strong suite of advanced technologies for our customers that address both the monetary and non-monetary costs associated with energy use.

  • Conversion – We take energy from one form and transform it into another. For example both electronic waste recycling and fibre waste recycling are part of our urban reprocessing department. Green property development is also part of our energy conversion efforts. It is our belief that our greening will have a profound impact on the natural environment, health, and economy of communities.
  • Capture – We capture energy from external sources to provide you with savings. For example, we offer leading-edge photoluminescent safety technology that captures light and therefore eliminates the need for energy.
  • Optimization – We help you optimize your building with comprehensive energy auditing, that includes measuring inefficiencies with special analytics tools, and implementing smart building technologies. We also offer financing options to industrial and commercial customers.

Because we want the best results for our customers we have developed divisions with highly skilled experts in key positions. At Sparta we understand that every customer is different and needs prompt attention. Our divisions include: ReECO Conversion Technologies and Illumineris Inc.

Sparta Capital is listed on TSX-V
Trading Platform is NEX
Trading Symbol is SAY.H

Helping customers save money, manage efficiently, and operate safely are all part of the Sparta protocol.

Directors and Officers

Peter Quattro, P.Eng (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer) – Beaumaris, Ontario

Mr. Quattro is a mechanical engineer with experience in product and business development, manufacturing, as well as sales management. His expertise has taken him from manufacturing highway trailers, to engineering at a petro-chemical facility, to being the managing director of CAPP Associates Ltd., a very successful computer based systems automation business; primarily focused on improving operational performance in the aftermarket automotive sector. Since November 2008, Mr. Quattro has been an independent management consultant providing financial and application services to a number of small to medium sized clients.

John O’Bireck (President & Director) – Aurora, Ontario

Mr. O’Bireck is a Control Systems Engineering graduate from Ryerson University and has been heavily involved in building both human capital and technology partners for the Corporation, since his appointment as a Director in April 2013. Mr. O’Bireck has vast experience in the production and marketing of technology driven products and services. He helped build a number of companies from inception to point of acquisition, and has brought a wide range of products to market. In recent years, Mr. O’Bireck has been involved with building engineering teams to bring energy efficient solutions to multiple industries.

Martin Marshall (Director) – Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Marshall, a licensed mortgage broker with Homeguard Funding Ltd. since October 2008, has more than 30 years experience in the financial services industry. Highly respected for his expertise in sales, marketing, administration, and underwriting in top executive positions with companies such as Household Finance, Household Trust, SunLife Trust, Laurentian Bank and Mortgage Intelligence, Martin moved into the mortgage brokerage industry in 1999 and continues to work to grow the mortgage brokerage industry in Canada. Martin is also active in the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario (IMBA) and has sat on their board of directors since February 2004. Mr. Marshall has been President of his own consulting firm, Martin Marshall Consulting Ltd., since December 2008, and for the past 4 years his company has been under contract with Verico Financial Group Inc., Canada’s largest mortgage broker network. From April 2007 to October 2008, Mr. Marshall held the position of Vice President – Ontario & Western Canada at Mortgage Intelligence.

Shawn Leon (Director) – Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Leon is a Business Administration Honours graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University. He worked in small systems marketing at IBM Canada for a number of years, has been active in real estate development, and has been the principal owner of various industrial and commercial developments. Mr. Leon has also been involved in the operations of several public companies in both Canada and the United States. He is currently the President, CFO and Director of Ethema Health Corporation (GRST – OTCQB); a U.S. publicly traded Healthcare Corporation based in Toronto, Ontario.