Growing Energy Storage Concepts

Teresa Madaleno:

Solar and chemical energy storage systems have long been touted as the best solutions to pave a way to a renewable powered future; however, thanks to the determination and ingenuity of entrepreneurs across the globe, new ways of storing energy are emerging.

Last year, several media outlets picked up on the work that UK based Gravitricity has been doing in the area of energy storage. The company continues to perfect its approach. Here’s how the storage process works: renewable energy is used to lift a weight within a mine shaft. The weight can be as mush as 3,000 tons. The weight falls, releasing electricity that can last up to eight hours. Many mine shafts that are no longer used today, make this a real possibility in terms of future energy storage. Gravitricity claims that the patented technology has an efficiency rating of 80-90 percent and is easy to build.

Gravitricity is one of many unique energy storage concepts. One of the latest to gain attention from environment and energy reporters is a new heat harnessing system dubbed, “Sun in a box”. To learn about this innovative system check out the Michigan University article by clicking the link below.

Michigan News

With the amount of inventiveness we are seeing today, there is no reason to doubt that in the not-so-distant future, we will have a long list of viable energy storage options at our fingertips – options that are both effective and affordable.