Health and Safety

At the Sparta Group, health and safety play a significant role in everything we do. We believe that safe work is more productive and leads to a better quality of work. Every person is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace –there is no aspect of our daily operations that has more of an impact on the success or failure of our businesses than this.

Our business units go to great lengths to minimize the risk of accidents, injury and exposure to health hazards for all our management, staff, and contractors. For instance, those working with our ReECO Tech Hydro-vac company undergo extensively, government certified health and safety training. This is just one example, but we take a safety-first approach in all facets of our work. Acknowledging safety in the workplace is key to meeting customer needs and bettering the results of our subsidiaries, is why at Sparta Group we tailor safety protocols to specific projects. In our world, site activities must meet or exceed regulations and standard industry practices and procedures.