Illumineris is the collective term for a group of companies focused on capturing “lost” or “wasted” energy resulting from various inefficiencies. Presently Illumineris has three divisions; the photoluminescent safety products (“Safety”) division; the comprehensive energy audit (“EMD”) division; and the power-factor correction (“Energy Mitigation”) division,

  • The Safety division has a distribution agreement with Jessup Manufacturing of McHenry IL to distribute their specialized photoluminescent exit signs and egress pathway markings to reduce the consumption of carbon based electricity.
  • The EMD division measures and monitors energy use in commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities and offers turnkey solutions and ongoing support.
  • The Energy Mitigation division focuses on delivering energy management and power quality solutions and services, including harmonic mitigation and power factor correction, to clients in industrial and commercial areas in order to reduce power losses and corresponding costs, and thus, increase revenues.