Keeping Truckers Safe During COVID-19

Teresa Madaleno:

Public Health officials say that catching Coronavirus from an open window while driving is unlikely yet wearing a mask in the car brings some lone drivers’ comfort. When there is more than one person in the car at a time, doctors agree that wearing masks make more sense. Meanwhile, truckers across North America continue to search for ways to protect themselves when they are alone on the road, but we haven’t heard much about them lately.

When the deadly virus first made its way into Canada and the United States, trucker safety was a hot topic. Lately, we haven’t heard much, at least from mainstream media, about how they are coping. COVID-19 continues to be a problem and truckers are putting their health and wellbeing on the line every day to transport goods that we rely on. Sparta Group, the Toronto area environmental technology company has a division (TruckSuite™ Canada) that focuses on helping keep trucks running smoothly and efficiently, but they have also taken a strong stand on the health of the truck driver.

“ We knew we couldn’t just sit and watch truckers struggle with this pandemic. After all where would we be without them?” Sparta President, John O’Bireck recently stated.

Sparta now offers truckers an environment friendly, federally registered antimicrobial spray that can keep a truck cab safe from nasty pathogens. As well, they have the exclusive right to distribute an effective, long-lasting hand sanitizer to the trucking industry.

Truckers are exposed to people and surfaces at several points throughout their journey. For instance, when they pick up a load, when they stop to eat, when they use a washroom, when they require gas, and when they drop off a load. As outlined in a July news release, the Sparta formulation can kill 99.99 percent of harmful viruses, bacteria and microbes, including SARS and MRSA, on contact. The best part – when the antimicrobial is used in the cab on all surfaces, including the seat, doors, dashboard etc. its effectiveness last several weeks. This means you don’t have to constantly be re-applying a solution.

Until now, options for trucker protection have been somewhat limited. While there are other antimicrobial products on the market, they have drawbacks, including short-term effectiveness, a narrow spectrum of efficacy, incompatibility with certain surfaces, and a tendency to cause adaptive strains of bacteria and viruses. With Sparta’s formulation, you don’t have to worry about such drawbacks. The antimicrobial shield in made up of layered, interlocking molecular spikes that contain an electrical charge that literally destroys the virus on contact.

“We wanted a strong, stable, proven bio-barrier that could destroy offenders instantly – and we are thrilled that we have found the right formulation.” O’Bireck said.

The Sparta antimicrobial formulation has been previously applied to some of the most sensitive facilities thus demonstrating how safe it really is. For example, it has been used in medical research facilities and hospital settings.