Market Verticals

A great deal of research and analysis has gone into the various market verticals to develop a clear understanding of customers needs and wants. While each market has a distinct set of challenges, Sparta Environmental Technologies’ solutions allow all markets to embrace the ability to reduce carbon fuel consumption and convert the resulting carbon credits into funds to help children’s hospitals.

The following market verticals are examples of where Sparta is actively looking to expand:

Transportation – Through “TreeFrog Transport Optimization”    treefrog_transport-op-systems_logo
Mining – Through “Sparta Technologies for Mining”     image

Commercial – Through “Illumineris”     illumineris-img

Energy and Biomass Conversion  – Through “ReECOTech”  ReECO-TECH-6-LOGO


Power Generation

Sparta takes a hands-on approach to support its product lines by building and maintaining strong relationships with end users, as well as the scientists and engineers who develop the unique technologies. As an example, Sparta consulted with partners in the United States, South Africa, and New Zealand when conducting studies on their Addeco Tech SS10L Fuel injector unit.

At Sparta we listen closely to customers within each market vertical and take responsibility for helping them reach their goals.

As new developments occur we will keep you informed!