ReECO Tech Conversions

ReECO Tech Conversion Technologies Ltd. – originally a biomass conversion company with a focus on sequestering CO2 emissions through waste diversion and converting biomass waste into consumables such as waste-to-energy products; it has since expanded to include hydro-vac services in the environment-friendly excavation arena – this is a horizontally and vertically integrated business unit that is poised to secure long term contracts to help transform communications networks while also monetizing the retrieved clean-soil waste into many new useable products.

ReECO Tech Electronic Conversions Ltd. – an electronics recycling company focusing on conversion and remarketing of old electronic components resulting from our ever increasing rate of change in electronic technology. This addition has expanded the ReECO Tech division into the electronic-waste sector.

ReECO Tech Property Conversions Ltd. is a development division created to utilize earnings and implement the technologies from other business units into “smart”, net-zero ready, environmentally responsible community developments; designed with concern for our planet in mind.