Shared Services

Sparta leverages its resources, people, and expertise to better effect and efficiently implement the processes required to meet the needs of Sparta Group’s subsidiaries and to manage our businesses through providing high-level support while allowing for autonomy on daily operations. Shared services are provided by the following Sparta head office departments:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Corporate Investor/Legal
  • Compliance and Safety
  • Marketing and Communications


Each Sparta Group subsidiary is operated as an independent, self-managed business unit, accountable for its own results, returns on capital, employment, and overall performance.

Sparta, which is comprised of a small group of professionals, focuses on providing the subsidiary business units with:

  • Capital
  • Centralized banking
  • Legal, accounting, payroll, and benefit services
  • Compliance, systems, training, and human resource expertise
  • Marketing, communications, branding, and information technology
  • Overall business strategy

The success of our self-managed business unit model is founded on the values of leadership and accountability. Through adhering to these values the Sparta Group is able to serve multiple markets. By developing a strong people-focused infrastructure, the Sparta Group continues to explore new partnerships. Remaining committed to incubating, capitalizing, and fostering new and existing technologies in order to commercialize the same, we invest heavily in our most important resource, the human capital, which we view as essential to our continued growth and success. We look to be viewed within the communities in which we operate as dedicated to the planet’s future and our children’s futures, providing technologies and services better suited for the Earth in the long run.