Sparta Update – Waste-free Options Plentiful

Manufacturers are finding more ways to develop products from recycled material. The International Bureau of Recycling reports that recycled materials supply 40 percent of global raw material needs.

Most people are familiar with the idea of recycling ink cartridges, cardboard boxes, and plastic containers but some are surprised to learn that they are actually purchasing all sorts of products that come from recycled material. For example, did you know that some crayons, wallpaper, garden hoses and kitty litter are made from recycled materials?

One of the first recycled materials to grab the attention of the general public was recycled printer paper and notebooks; however, now other office supplies, like scissors, binders, and desk organizers are made from post-consumer recycled content. Also, iphone cases, toothbrushes, rugs, and even some coffins are made from recycled materials.

People always ask: What happens to old plastic drink bottles? Well, one use is clothing. The bottles get spun into polyester fibres for t-shirts and jackets or they get used to make upholstery and carpet.

The energy, water, and cost savings from using recycled materials instead of raw materials have become very appealing to manufacturers. Last year a North America survey, outlined by the Network for Business Sustainability, showed that some consumers are willing to pay up to 40 percent more for environment-friendly products.

What’s Happening?

According to data collection agency, World Counts, we generate about 40 million tonnes of electronic waste worldwide, every year. To put it in perspective, that’s like throwing out 800 laptops every second. Sparta is proud to be part of the solution. The company’s Electronic waste recycling division (ERS), which includes reuse and remarketing of recycled products, has a wide range of clients. From large Canadian banks and educational institutions, to technology companies, and sports giants like Nike, this Sparta division is currently serving about 100 different clients, thus diverting thousands of tonnes of e-waste from landfills and reaping the benefits of a steady revenue stream.

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