What Is an Antimicrobial and What Does It Have to Do with Sparta?

Teresa Madaleno:

At first glance you might wonder what does an antimicrobial have to do with an environmental technology company? Well, in the case of Sparta it has a lot to do with its TruckSuite™ Canada division.

TruckSuite™ is a Sparta enterprise that focuses on helping keep transport trucks running smoothly and efficiently; however what point is there to a well-tuned truck that is energy efficient, if it sits idle because there are no healthy drivers to operate it? This is where an antimicrobial comes in.

In responding to the COVID-19 crisis, Sparta management decided to seek out an appropriate antimicrobial formulation they could offer to truckers, along with all the other tools and services offered by TruckSuite™. What they came up with is an antimicrobial that lasts up to 30 days and can be used in a truck cab on just about any surface, as well as right on the drivers clothing.

Antimicrobial explained

Typically an antimicrobial is described as a substance that can inhibit or destroy the growth of microorganisms, particularly pathogens. Some antimicrobials derive from nature and are found in plants, essential oils, and even molds. Technically, antibiotics are a type of antimicrobial, but in the case of Sparta’s TruckSuite™, we are talking about a substance in spray form.

Antimicrobials generally work at a cellular level to constantly disrupt and prevent growth of the microorganism. Sparta’s Antimicrobial is a system of germ and microbe removal that works without the addition of chemicals, biocides or poisons. A positively charged nitrogen atom magnetically draws microbes to the surface and literally zaps them. You can think of it as swords electrocuting the pathogen. This type of quick germ destruction is not available with all antimicrobials, especially when you use a substance with traditional chemicals in it. Traditional chemicals can create off-gassing of toxic substances and can become resistant to some bacteria.

“Finding a formulation that is effective, environment-friendly, and less likely to become resistant was a top priority for us. Having an antimicrobial that could last up to 30 days was also key because truckers need convenience. They don’t have the time to continuously be applying an antimicrobial to the inside of their vehicles,” said Sparta President, John O’Bireck.

Toronto area truck driver, Joe Grela has heard about Sparta’s efforts to bring the antimicrobial to his industry and he’s ready to use it when Sparta rolls out its distribution plan over the next 6 months.

“I am running down to Syracuse New York and would like to see and have some kind of added protection,” Grela recently said.

Sparta targets large market

While transport truckers who put their lives on the line every day are a focus for Sparta. John O’Bireck says the deal they sealed with the antimicrobial provider (NME Ltd.) means they can market the solution to the entire trucking industry in Canada and the United States. The trucking industry doesn’t just include those large transport trucks we see running up and down the highways. It also includes couriers, school buses, highway buses, construction equipment and much more.

School buses are an obvious concern when it comes to protection from harmful viruses, but so are courier vehicles that can have multiple drivers working various shifts; each potentially being exposed to a pathogen. While many people don’t think about construction vehicles, multiple users are also an issue. Having a safe, long lasting antimicrobial could go a long way in giving millions of driver’s peace-of-mind.