Global Responsibility

Adapting to the constantly evolving needs of our customers and contributing to the overall wellness of our world is at the essence of what we do. Sparta was formed with a clear purpose: save customers money and save future generations at the same time. Our product structure has been designed to allow our customers to contribute to the Clean Air for Kids™ initiative. To this end we can say that our social responsibility measures stretch way beyond the interests of Sparta.

Through the use of technologies that Sparta embraces, customers can gather significant credits that can be sold to greenhouse gas emitters. The credits can be converted into cash and then re-directed to pre-qualified Children’s Hospitals. While improving their bottom line, customers are essentially protecting two of the most valuable resources we have- our environment and our children’s future.

We are part of a rapidly changing global community. As the world population grows so does the demand for energy, but that fuel source needs to be clean and efficient if we are going to sustain ourselves. Whether we figure out how to use less dirty fuel (to do the same work) or find new innovative ways to produce new renewable fuel sources, we are glad to help customers who are ready to take responsibility along with us.