Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

"To help businesses and humanity thrive by developing the best environmental and health technologies."


Corporate Objective– Sparta looks for opportunities and ventures where we can develop and implement energy-saving technologies designed to reduce energy inefficiencies, achieve reduced emissions and increase operating efficiencies in various industries. Sparta serves as an incubator, helping various green technologies make it to commercialization. Along with the ability to serve multiple markets, all the products and services Sparta invests, acquires and/or distributes are not only planet-friendly but lead to cost savings and qualify to support the “Clean Air for Kids™ initiative (http://www.cleanairforkids.net).

Strategic Advantage–Companies in the environmental space tend to maintain a singular approach, but  Sparta does not subscribe to the “one size fits all” mode of operating. In fact, with multiple products and services, secure multi-industry partnerships, strong human capital, and easy supply access, the Sparta Group can accommodate a vast array of clientele and therefore lead the environmental technology space, especially as it relates to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Focus – Sparta has the foresight to scope out proven technologies, where opportunity is abundant.
  • Shared Services – Sparta leverages its resources, people and expertise to better effect and efficiently implement processes and manage the Sparta Group businesses through shared services, including: finance and accounting, corporate investor/legal, compliance and safety and marketing and communications.
  • Scalability – In addition to shared head office services, Sparta has committed to linking all present and future subsidiaries together with a totally integrated, fully supported, virtual back office ERP network that consolidates communications and accounting systems, and supports warehouse distribution, logistics and manufacturing – providing flexibility to take on new opportunities.
  • Expertise and Industry Relationships – Sparta’s level of experience, direct access to opportunities and existing relationships with key decision makers allows it to expand sales channels rapidly.


Our tagline, ENERGY TRANSFORMED, captures what we always talk about – The Environment and our Future. The Worldwide concern over climate change is spawning more potential opportunity than even the industrial revolution. Globally, we have a massive appetite for energy. Unfortunately, that appetite has been largely served by fossil fuels, now commonly referred to as a “dirty” source, due to how we dispose of it after use.  We tend to depend on oil, coal and natural gas (all of which are fossil fuels) to provide electricity, power industry, heat our homes and run our vehicles. While fossil fuels may be a very concentrated form of stored energy, burning such fuels releases billion-year-old chemical bonds; disrupting the environmental balance. The health of environmental implications of pollution have been well documented, yet the amount of carbon we release into the air is at least 25 percent more than 100 years ago.

Sparta is dedicated to finding alternate forms of clean energy and improving engineering technologies so that present-day energy sources can lead to more responsible consumption and of course, GHG capture. It is all about delivering equal or better benefits and reducing greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions in multiple industries. All of our products and services have the same goal; to create new ways of living that are well-adapted to life on earth for the long term.

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